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    50 Dog Books (Health & Safety) 50% off and FREE SHIPPING

    $ 597.50 USD
    $ 299.00 USD

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    Client education made easy, efficient, and engaging! 
    Loved by pet owners since 2016!


    Tell your clients everything you'd like to tell them in the exam room, in less than a minute... and without their eyes glossing over! Send them home with a tool that will truly help them be the best pet owner (and client) they can be, and help bond them to you and your practice in the process.

    "I've had my dog for four years now, but I wish I would have had this book when I first brought my puppy home! It is filled with so many helpful tips and useful information for dog owners. I showed it to my husband (he's grown up with dogs all his life) and even he learned a few things from the book."  Nancy R. — Dog Owner

    Get a box of 50 of our popular 101 Essential Tips education books for owners of new puppies or dogs. Your clients and your team will love them!

    Easily educate and raise your client's awareness of a range of important conditions, hazards, and other topics. Including:

    • The dangers of xylitol, rodenticides, sago palms, and a host of other toxins.
    • How sticks, bones, antlers, and other common chews and toys can hurt their new dog.
    • Steps to easily pet-proof their home.
    • Tips to help them help their new dog avoid noise phobias related to fireworks, thunderstorms, and other common triggers. (Just think... fewer last minute "med" calls on July 3rd!!!)
    • Awareness of GDV, HBC, BDLD, and a whole bunch of other acronyms.
    • The importance of routine wellness visits, screening lab tests, and regular parasite prevention.
    • And much, much more!

    Written by respected pet safety expert and veterinarian, Dr. Jason Nicholas, “101 Essential Tips” are insights he's gathered over years of veterinary practice and from talking with other vets, trainers, and dog lovers.

    These books will help you keep your patients out of the ER, or help their people recognize and act on the problem sooner if an issue does arise. They will help you show your dedication and support of the pet-owner bond, and help bond your clients to your practice in the process. 

    MSRP: $11.95  Veterinarians receive a 50% discount ($5.98 per book)

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    50 Dog Books (Health & Safety) 50% off and FREE SHIPPING

    $ 597.50 USD
    $ 299.00 USD

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Jon Perchick DVM
    Fantastic Book

    This easy and fun to read book is perfect for our new puppy owners. It is the centerpiece of our puppy information packet. The clients love the comprehensive nature of this book and easy to read format. There are plenty of things in this book that I would never have never thought to review with owners. Now I dont have to! Dr. Nicholas has done it for me.

    Amy Stone DVM, PhD
    Helping Clients and Teaching Students

    101 Essential Tips (dogs) has been valuable to our practice in educating our clients in keeping their family members safe. Additionally, we have been using these tips to help our veterinary students communicate with clients about safety and the human animal bond. The tips are practical and presented in a very clear way.

    Lauren Blume, BVSc

    101 Essential Tips (dogs) is a wonderful resource for any dog owner, but it is absolutely priceless for new puppy parents. I am a veterinarian in a busy university veterinary teaching hospital, and I have shared these books with clients, friends, and family -- all with rave reviews. My favorite part? The tips are presented in a simple, fun, and memorable way, with cute cartoon depictions and real-life stories to make learning fun!

    Alison S Lord, DVM

    Referral to this book makes every puppy pack complete and my clients
    love reading our hospital copies during wait times in the office. Thank
    you, Dr. Nicholas, for doing this groundbreaking work for fun, effective
    guides to pet guardianship that should be 'must reads' for all owners,
    new and experienced. These books make it possible for me to provide
    more comprehensive and potentially life-saving preventive veterinary care for
    my clients and patients, as well as my own pets.

    Katy G
    Our vet hospital loves this book!

    Even as a certified vet nurse I have learned great things from this book! We give this out with every puppy pack at their first visit and our clients love it. The information is essential for pet owners, it covers so many things you would never think of by yourself.

    Certified Veterinary Technician, Portland Oregon