Puppy Essentials: Crate Training Workshop

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Crate training your puppy can be really difficult, but it is important for many reasons! In our Puppy Essentials: Crate Training workshop, you'll learn ways to help your puppy love their crate, how to build-up the time they spend in their crate, and how to help them sleep through the night in their crate. Each 60-minute online session will give you practical tips you can use right away and answer your questions. Each workshop will be tailored to the issues that are most important to registrants using a pre-workshop questionnaire.

  • Learn how to set up a puppy crate and puppy pen area
  • Find out what size of crate is best for your dog
  • Tips and tricks to make crate training a breeze
  • How to use crate training to help prevent other unwanted behaviors

  • Workshops include:
    • Personalized feedback from a certified dog trainer
    • In-depth how-to's and problem-solving
    • Discussion and Q&A
    • Connection with fellow puppy owners
    • Follow-up resources discussed in the workshop
    Meet Our Trainer: https://www.preventivevet.com/puppy-essentials