About Preventive Vet™

Preventive Vet believes in a world where all pets are happy, safe, and never suffer. We provide information, tips and advice for people who want the best possible life for their cats and dogs. Our mission is to help you keep your pets free from the pain and discomfort of preventable accidents, poisonings and illnesses. 

Sadly the majority of us at Preventive Vet have experienced the sorrow of seeing pets and their people suffer. We’re as committed as you are to doing what’s best for your four-legged friend. We want to help you keep your pet safe so you can enjoy a long, happy, healthy life – together. 

Preventive Vet is a collective of veterinarians made up of general and emergency practitioners, board-certified surgeons, oncologists, behaviorists and other specialists as well as respected trainers and other pet lovers. 

Like you, we’re busy pet owners who want reliable information that’s easy to find. We’ve created this website as a one-stop online resource for preventive pet health and safety awareness and information. We want to help you avoid the emotional and economic hardship of pet illnesses and emergencies. And, since not everything in a pet’s life is preventable, we also want you to know what to do when your pet gets sick or injured and recognize when it’s time to take them to your vet or the Animal ER. 

At Preventive Vet we know we’re fulfilling our mission when we see more and more pet owners empowered and educated about keeping their pets safe from preventable tragedies and eager to share the awareness and prevention tips they’ve learned with friends and family. 

Dr. Jason Nicholas (“Dr. J” as he’s affectionately known) is our pack leader and Chief Medical Officer at Preventive Vet. Dr. J ensures our preventive-care tips, endorsements and recommendations are always relevant, easy-to-understand and vet-approved. 

So sniff around and check us out! 

Welcome to Preventive Vet where all pets are happy, safe and protected.ed.