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    101 Essential Tips – Dog Health & Safety

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    Essential information to keep your dog healthy and safe.

    101 Essential Tips gives you valuable advice that will help you be the best dog owner you can be, regardless of your level of experience with raising and caring for dogs. Learn how to avoid digestive upset, traumas, and a variety of other common medical conditions and emergencies. A must read for all dog owners, even if you’ve had dogs your whole life!

    You will also have access to the digital version of the book by using the url and code on the back of the book once you receive it.

     "I've had my dog for four years now, but I wish I would have had this book when I first brought my puppy home! It is filled with so many helpful tips and useful information for dog owners. I showed it to my husband (he's grown up with dogs all his life) and even he learned a few things from the book."  Nancy R. — Dog Owner

    Written by respected pet safety expert and veterinarian, Dr. Jason Nicholas, “101 Essential Tips” will spare your dog from avoidable pain and suffering and your bank account (and heart) from a substantial and unexpected hit.

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    Paperback: 94 Pages
    Language: English
    Dimensions: 8.25 x 5.375 inches
    Weight: 6.2 ounces
    Printed in North America
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    101 Essential Tips – Dog Health & Safety

    $ 11.95 USD

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Lori Genstein
    Lotsa' Licks & Tail Wags of thanks for this great resource!

    Extremely informative yet concise and enjoyable to read! As a professional pet sitter with a focus on Prevention, Safety and Education, this book caught my attention as a great resource to recommend to my pet parents. And the playful photos easily captured the attention of children to initiate discussion about pet safety. Loved this book so much I PURRchased the cat edition by Dr. Jason Nicholas, too, for our cat lounge. A must-have for pet parents, pet sitters, animal lovers... and what a great gift for doggy parents who have it all!

    Lorena Ray
    Helpful resource

    I used this book to help train new puppies, and I refer back often. I would recommend this book to anyone as a helpful tool for care and training a pet.

    Excellent Book to Keep on Hand

    This is a fun and informative book that is great to keep on hand. There are so many things that you don't even think about that this book brings to light. I like to skim through it as a reminder of things to look out for. So far it has helped me keep my pup safe! I would recommend this book to new pet owners and seasoned owners alike, it can't hurt to have a fun reminder around.

    Alissa Silva
    Handy Dandy Resource Guide

    A must have for ALL dog caretakers but especially for new ones. This should be required reading for anyone considering or em(barking) a new pet and the rewards/challenges of responsible pet care, These handy books are well laid out, resourceful, fun,and easy to comprehend at any reading level. Well done!

    What about outside U.S. soil?

    I'm not judging the book itself obviously but the mail service. XXIst Century and NO WORLDWIDE DELIVERY yet?!
    (Care bout dogs or bout U.S. & Canadian dogs only? Sad...)