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    101 Essential Tips Digital Book – Dog Behavior & Training

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    Includes life-saving awareness from the experts

    Includes additional resources and helpful videos

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    When you know better, you do better.

    Train Better

    101 Essential Tips: Behavior and Training: Essential information you need to raise a well-adjusted dog.

    Finally, a book that helps answer your dog behavior and training questions! This book of tips will help guide you through your dog’s training journey. This book will help you to understand all that you and your dog will need to learn and experience to have the happiest, safest, most fulfilling life possible … together.

    You’ll learn different training options and the resources available to you, the stuff you’ll need, the stuff you should avoid, and the “why” of it all.

    Topics include:

    • What to get (and not get) for training

    • Potty training

    • Basic training

    • Health and safety training

    • How to prevent separation anxiety as well as dealing with fireworks, thunder and other noise phobias

    This trusted web-book can be accessed anytime. They are packed with extra resources, like how-to videos and more. It's a digital resource that you can always turn to for help.

    Written by respected pet safety expert and veterinarian, Dr. Jason Nicholas, 101 Essential Tips will help you and your dog start training off on the right paw for the best life possible!

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    101 Essential Tips Digital Book – Dog Behavior & Training

    $ 4.99 USD