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    101 Essential Tips Digital Book Combo – Both Health & Safety + Behavior & Training

    $ 7.98 USD

    Easy to read and understand

    Includes life-saving awareness from the experts

    Includes additional resources and helpful videos

    Appropriate for children and adults

    Product description

    Make your dog's well-being a priority by avoiding common safety hazards and training mistakes. Our 101 Essential Tips book series features bite-sized, easy-to-follow advice from the experts. Prevent problems before they happen.

    These trusted web-books can be accessed anytime. They are packed with extra resources, like how-to videos and more. It's a digital resource that you can always turn to for help.

    When you know better, you do better.

    This two-book bundle gives puppy and dog owners the essential information they need to know to raise a healthy, safe, and well-adjusted dog. Included in the bundle:

    Dog Better

    101 Essential Tips: Health and Safety: Essential information to keep your dog healthy and safe.

    You can't prevent what you aren't aware of - and when it comes to pets, there's a whole lot you need to have on your radar. Learn how to avoid digestive upset, set up your dog's safe space, prevent tragedy, and recognize signs of common med­ical conditions and emergencies.

    A must-read for all dog owners, even if you've had dogs your whole life!

    Train Better

    101 Essential Tips: Behavior and Training: Essential information you need to raise a well-adjusted dog.

    Finally, a book that helps answer your dog behavior and training questions! Guide your dog's train­ing journey: From potty and crate training to avoiding separation anxiety. Learn the stuff you'll need, the stuff you should avoid, and the "why" of it all.

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    101 Essential Tips Digital Book Combo – Both Health & Safety + Behavior & Training

    $ 7.98 USD