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The Best Fetch Toy For Dogs

$ 19.99 USD

This toy is ideal for outdoor and/or indoor use 

Great for dogs of all sizes

Exercises dogs both physically and mentally

Far safer for play than actual sticks

Made of a special non-toxic material

Product description


This is a fetch toy – not a chew toy. This is not meant to be an unsupervised chew toy, but it'll stand up to a bit of "post retrieval" chewing. Dogs love it! 

Introducing a Preventive Vet exclusive: Dogs love sticks… but sticks don’t always love dogs! So we’ve searched high and low for a fun and safe alternative to help you exercise your dog and avoid common stick-related injuries in the process. What we love about this “stick" is that it's the first dog fetch toy to actually look like a stick, but not injure dogs like a stick. And equally as important for us is that it’s also non-toxic! This toy is free of BPA, phthalates, lead, melamine, cadmium, and a host of other chemicals you do not want in your dog’s mouth. We also love the fact that it floats, has an erratic bounce, won’t splinter, is flexible enough not to break your dog’s teeth, and is easy to throw and clean.

This toy is: 

  • Ideal for outdoor and/or indoor use
  • Great for dogs of all sizes
  • Exercises dogs both physically and mentally
  • Far safer for play than actual sticks 
  • Made of a special non-toxic material
  • Super fun! 

For more info visit our article and see it in action.

Large size (large breeds, over 45 lbs) - approximately 9.5 ounces, 14" long, 1.5" diameter. Most popular color is CORAL RED.

Medium size (small-medium breeds, 10-45 lbs)- approximately 4 ounces, 10" long, 1" diameter. Most popular color is COBALT BLUE (easiest for dogs to see).


X-Small (toy breeds, under 10 lbs) - approximately 1 ounce, 6" long, 0.5" diameter

Please note that with the X-Small sticks you get TWO sticks for $19.99!

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The Best Fetch Toy For Dogs

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
We love “Fetcher”

My 3 year old Lab, Bella, loved this fetch stick right away and knew exactly what to do with it.
We throw it up the hill, she runs up to fetch it, races back down and drops it at our feet, wagging her tail and “smiling”.
We call her stick “Fetcher” and it’s one of her favorite toys. I like that it’s made of very sturdy material because sometimes Bella likes to chew on it a bit when we finish playing. I keep an eye on her, and she hasn’t been able to chew even a tiny bit off her stick. It’s her only toy she hasn’t destroyed except for her tennis balls.
I’m so happy to have found “Fetcher” and Bella is too!

Bell, Linda S.
Fetch Toy

Luci and I have been playing with the fetch toy inside and my granddaughter has played with her outside.
She likes it.

Great real stick alternative

Floats in the water, fly really well and the colours are fun: my dogs love it!

Better than the real thing

I have a 4yr old Australian shephed/German shepherd mix that loves carrying/playing with sticks as well as downed tree branches. I have a lawn full of branches he drags out of the woods. Since getting this branch it has become his favorite substitute for the real thing! No more branches to clean up. He's a pretty heavy chewer and this is holding up well. I love it for him almost as much as he does!!!

Kevin Jones
All these reviews were written by the same person

No stick is worth 5 stars.

Hello Kevin,
It doesn’t appear that you have purchased this product, but thank you for your insights. You are right that we have a lot of 5-star reviews. A few 4-star reviews, as well. We take great pride in setting the appropriate expectation for this product. It’s a safe fetch toy that is non-toxic and soft on dog’s teeth. Real sticks and hard toys cause injuries to dogs every year from impalement to tooth damage. The cost of care and the trauma of these injuries is significant. So, perhaps our customers agree with how this fetch stick delivers.
P.S. These reviews were all written by bonafide customers and your poor rating, having not even purchased our product, now affects our overall rating in our store. That seems rather unfair.