MWI Distinct Advantage: Box of 55 Cat Books (Health & Safety), pre-discounted 55% off

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Reliable, appreciated client education made easy, efficient, and engaging! (And now even more affordable, too. At 55% off your cost per book is just $4.48! And there's free shipping, too!)

Tell your clients everything you'd like to tell them in the exam room, in less than a minute... and without their eyes glossing over! Send them home with a tool that will truly help them be the best pet owner (and client) they can be, and help bond them to you and your practice in the process.

"One of my goals as a veterinary behaviorist is to provide education for pet owners about common problems such as inappropriate elimination or scratching, problems that may otherwise lead to surrender or euthanasia.  This book does a fantastic job of addressing these behavior patterns in a fun and entertaining way, and will go a long way toward keeping cats in their homes for many years to come!!!" Christopher Pachel, DVM, DACVB, CABC

Get a box of 55 of our popular 101 Essential Tips client bonding and education books for owners of new kittens or cats. Your clients and your team will love them!

Easily educate and raise your client's awareness of a range of important conditions, hazards, and other topics. Including:

  • The dangers of lilies, rodenticides, acetaminophen, and a host of other toxins.
  • How hair ties, dental floss, balloon ribbons, and other common linear objects can hurt their new cat.
  • Steps to easily pet-proof their home.
  • Tips to help them ensure an inviting and safe litter box set up in their home.
  • Awareness of UO, ATE, DKA, and a whole bunch of other acronyms.
  • The importance of routine wellness visits, screening lab tests, and regular parasite prevention. (Even for indoor-only cats!)
  • And much, much more!

Written by respected pet safety expert and veterinarian, Dr. Jason Nicholas (“The Preventive Vet”), “101 Essential Tips” are insights he's gathered over years of veterinary practice and from talking with other vets and cat lovers.

These books will help you keep your patients out of the ER, or help their people recognize and act on the problem sooner if an issue does arise. They will help you show your dedication and support of the pet-owner bond, and help bond your clients to your practice in the process.

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